Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment involves a variety of techniques that help to define and understand personality, behavior, emotions, intelligence, and how they come together. Such assessments help to clarify diagnostic questions and deepen knowledge of an individual's strengths, weaknesses, and personality structure. Depending on the referral question, psychological tests are selected that will address the concerns and help to provide a rich and contextual picture of each unique person.

Dr. Boss provides psychological assessment to individuals from age 14 to over 80.

For additional information on assessment, here is a brochure from the Society for Personality Assessment: SPA_assessment.pdf

   Therapeutic Assessment

Therapeutic Assessment is a semi-structured approach to collaborative assessment developed by Stephen E. Finn, Ph.D. Therapeutic Assessment engages the client actively in the evaluation process and involves the use of assessment techniques and psychological tests to enhance a client's understanding of him or herself.

This method of psychological assessment is especially useful for clients who are in psychotherapy, though this is not a requirement to make an appointment. It is also an approach to helping a person define and understand what problems he or she has been having. This sheds light on what steps to take to improve the situation.

In Therapeutic Assessment, Dr. Boss works with the client to develop questions on which to focus the evaluation. Psychological tests are selected to address the unique questions developed in the initial sessions.

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